check in...

am I in the right place?

if you are here for an appointment at ECS wellness: yes

if you are here to drop off a suitcase full of money in unmarked bills: yes

if you are here for anything else: no

why am I even here?

because people...

how to I check in?

if Stephanie is at her desk, see her.

if she is not, then have a seat and someone will be with you before your appointment time begins.

Is there a way to let someone know I am here?

if Stephanie is here, then you just need to introduce yourself if you haven't already.

if no one is at the front desk, then Dr.Z or Meg will be out at the time of your visit. you can't knock on their door, but you can send them a telepathic message.

if you are compelled to still let someone know you are here, you can always text 978-998-0010 and let us know.

have I done everything I need to do prior to my appointment?

have you filled out consent forms and paid the non-covered services fee? then yes. if you have not, then no.

how do I fill out consent forms?

click here.

what is a non-covered services fee?

cannabinoid therapeutics is not covered by your insurance, thus requires a separate fee of $100 to ensure we are not using their money to pay for this service.

you can read more about our fees by clicking here.

how do I pay this non-covered services fee of which you speak?

easy. click here. you can also pay Stephanie directly. credit card. cash (unmarked bills are preferred).

what do I do next?

you wait. in the waiting room.

any recommendations while I wait?

  • you can chill and listen to awesome music.
  • you can read one of the awesome books in the waiting room.
  • you can peruse the website here.
  • you can also stare into your phone and doom scroll while you wait.