Cannabis Related Frequently Asked Questions

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Does my insurance cover cannabis therapeutics?


Why not?

Because people. Mainly politicians.

So cannabis therapeutics is free?

Nice try with the Jedi mind tricks. Cannabis therapeutics is not covered by insurance nor reimbursable. We charge an annual cannabis therapeutics fee of $100. This covers anything cannabis related (treatment plan, certification, etc).

Is the $100 annual charge in addition to my copay?

Yes it is. There will be two separate charges on your first visit: your insurance carrier copay and the annual cannabis therapeutics fee.

Your copay is for the portion of your visit(s) reimbursable by your insurance carrier. The $100 annual cannabis therapeutics fee covers that which is not reimbursable by your insurance carrier. This includes your treatment plan and any ongoing modifications as well as your certification.

So I have to pay the $100 annual cannabis therapeutics fee in addition to my copay for every visit?

Not unless you want to. The $100 annual cannabis therapeutics fee is an annual fee. This is why we call it the $100 annual cannabis therapeutics fee.


What is the massachusetts Medical Marijuana program?

The RMV of weed. The Medical Use of Marijuana Program (Program) registers qualifying patients, personal caregivers, Registered Marijuana Dispensaries (RMD), and RMD agents. We think RMD agents are like special agents for weed that run around in green suits, but we have not confirmed this.

Here is more information from Cannabis Control Commission's website. Good luck.


Certification is when a provider designates a patient’s eligibility to register for the program. The provider certifies based on the patient meeting one of several qualifying medical conditions.

We see certification as a bureaucratic nuisance. Fact is, cannabis is available via adult-use in many dispensaries. Certification offers a 20% tax and access to a wider range of products. Unfortunately, it has become more of a barrier than true access. Oh well.

Regardless, you are not coming to our practice for certification.

You are coming for ECS Wellness.

How do i become a patient in the program?

We got you. Call 978-998-0010 and set up an appointment.

More information here while you wait.

So all of your patients are certifiable?

That's a bit insensitive.

Once I am certified, do I have my Medical Marijuana Program card?

Kind of. You will have temporary one good for 14 days from the date of certification. The idea is that the temporary card gives immediate access to medicine while waiting for your permanent card you received after you register.

What is registration within the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program?

Is this confusing enough for you yet?

Once you are certified by your provider, you then have to register with the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuanna Program via the Cannabis Control Commission. For registration assistance or technical support please call (833) 869-6820. You can also find more information here. For the technologically challenged, things start to get dicey here. We are just the messenger so, you know...

Very informative. Can you recommend a good book on cannabis therapeutics?

Thank you. Great idea. Be prepared.

We really like Michale Backes's book, Cannabis Pharmacy.

Dang. My brain is pretty much full. What else you got?

Oh boy. You can check out infrequently asked questions. Take a breather first.

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