Office Related Frequently Asked Questions


Are you affiliated with a particular healthcare system?

indeed we are. We are proudly a Mass General Brigham (MGB) Community Affiliate.

Are you a primary care practice?

nope. The ECS Wellness providers are technicaly integrative medicine specialists and therefore cannot serve as a primary care provider (PCP). We of course work with your PCP, as well as any specialists, to ensure the best possible outcome for your health. We also refer to our colleagues within the MGB Network if need be.

Do you take my insurance?

most likely. if we do, you're welcome. We are contracted with most major insurance plans. If you have one of those obscure plans, we may not be contracted with them. Call to inquire.

What if you do not take my insurance or I choose not to use it?

this can get complicated and expensive and a potential pain in the buttocks. Your visit charges will be determined by a sliding scale. Please call to inquire.

Do I need a referral?

most likely. because people. If you do, this must be obtained prior to your visit or you will unfortunately have to self-pay. We can help you with this.

So I only have to pay a copay, if I have one?

no Jedi mind tricks. please. there is one more fee you need to pay in addition to your copay. Cannabis therapeutics is not covered by your insurance, thus requires a separate fee of $100. Click here for Cannabis Therapeutics FAQs.

Btw If you have a copay, it will be your specialist copay. We can help you figure that out.

What forms of payment are accepted at your office?

credit or debit. No personal checks... unless they are giant checks (made out to Dr.Z).

what precautions do you take in regards to COVID19?

this is a moving target. we follow all state and local rules regarding the use of face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. please inquire for current details.


What if I cancel my appointment less than 48 hours prior to the visit?

we will be sad... and so will you when we charge you a $200 cancellation fee (ouch). Some people wait weeks for their appointment so plan accordingly. The cancellation fee will show up on your Patient Gateway as a $200 balance.

If you feel you have a reasonable excuse, we will have you write a short essay about it and quite possibly will not charge the fee.

What happens if I simply do not show up?

not. cool. Some of our patients wait weeks for their appointment and make special arrangements. Barring extenuating circumstances, if you do not show up, then a $200 no-show fee will show up in your Patient Gateway balance.

How do you communicate with your patients?

telepathic communication was insecure so we switched to a HIPAA compliant patient portal. Once you have scheduled your appointment, you will receive an email from no-reply@onpatient.com with a sign up link for Onpatient, the portal we currently use.

How do I schedule an appointment?

sounds like it. is. on. Call or text 978-998-0010.

Do you offer telehealth visits?

we do. but not for initial visits or annuals without an exception from Dr.Z or Meg, NP.

Telehealth now reimburses less than in person. If you are within a 30 minutes (give or take) drive, you are expected to be in the office, which is nice and relaxing. If you choose to stay at home, then we will pass along the loss in revenue to you and you will be charged an additional $50/visit.

FYI, we use Zoom via the patient gateway. Please try to have your Zoom game in order so that we can get right into it. For the technologically challenged, we can help you some, but consider bringing reinforcements to ensure for a smoother ride...

What do I do once I schedule my appointment?


And wait for an email outlining the steps you will need to take prior to your first appointment, as well as a brief video tutorial on how to sign up for our patient portal, where you will find your consent forms in the portal.

We like to get all of the "paperwork" done so we can get into it sooner. Please do not hesitate to call us if there are any issues or questions.

OK. I'm bored. Can we talk cannabis?

obv. click here...

go here next...