sigh. the money. we accept most major insurance companies. if we are contracted with your insurance company, you are responsible for:

1. your insurance carrier copay

2. $100 Annual Cannabis Therapeutics Fee. you can pay that here or go back to the scheduling page and pay there.

if we accept your insurance and you choose to pay out of pocket, you will be charged the contracted fee of your provider. if we do not accept your insurance, you will be charged based on a sliding scale. please inquire for details.


we accept cash or credit. no personal checks, unless they are giant checks (made out to Dr.Z). we accept crypto as a concept, but do not know how to accept it as payment.

payment processing: you must pay to play. $100 cannabis therapeutics fee up front in order to put you on the schedule. copay just before your appointment. non-negotiable.

failure to make payment: failure to make payment after receiving our services will result in deactivation of your MMJ certification. not a good look, especially getting turned away at a dispensary.



it helps to understand that ECS wellness is a boutique practice. thus, we prefer to lean more on mutual respect than policies. nonetheless..

if you cancel <48 hours prior to your visit and we cannot fill the time, we charge a $100 cancellation fee for new patients. $50 for current patients with a lame excuse.

you may cancel your appointment by calling the office at: 978-998-0010 or sending us a message via the Patient Gateway (carrier pigeon takes too long).

being a no show will land you a $100 no-show fee for new patients. not a great way to start a relationship. current patients, it is pretty much case by case as once we have an understanding, we have and understanding.

for more information, please review our patient agreement here.