integrative medicine


What is integrative medicine?

Integrative Medicine has had many names: alternative medicine, complementary medicine, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), holistic medicine, traditional medicine, i-cant-believe-its-not medicine medicine (Dr.Z's term)

This initially included practices traditionally not part of conventional medicine. Yet unconventional approaches are now included in mainstream medicine (mindfulness, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, osteopathic). What is being integrated has become less distinguishable. Another perspective views integrative medicine as the integration of mind, body, spirit, and community. The cultural association with the term spirit can unfortunately make it more esoteric, elusive or exclusive. Sounds inviting.

So what's actually in this name? Regardless of what you call it, integrative medicine considers the whole person, inclusive of all aspects of their life. The relationship between practitioner and patient becomes a therapeutic partnership. Isn't this what all medicine should be? We think so. We do not really consider ourselves an integrative medicine practice. We consider ourselves a medical practice. And we specialize in ECS wellness.

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Touching every neuron in our body clearly makes the ECS a useful framework for equanimity. At ECS Wellness, we identify anything inhibiting our patients from being balanced. This begins with their story. We then identify and remove limiting aspects of their lives. We then offer tools that may help address any deficits and offer a more compassionate, dispassionate way of seeing themselves.

Conventional. Unconventional. Whatever you want to call it.

We call it ECS Wellness. And it starts with connection...

mind, body, and who?

some mindstuff to chew on:

in essence, the only thing you are is the awareness of what your are not.

when out of the void your consciousness came, it found itself inside a vulnerable avatar. The lens through which your consciousness peers into this world is called the mind. The mind’s job is to survive. Navigating the perils of natural law proposes significant threat to the organism. As the attachment roulette wheel spins, you begin to perceive that you are engaged in the dance, rather than simply observing it.

your mind begins to develop strategies that serve you. Because people, you get wounded. Threatened and wounded, your ways of connection lie beneath layers of protection. These experiences, with their charged awareness, begin to inform a sense of who you think you are. After all, how you behave is fueled by the outcome of your prior experiences. You develop a sense of self. This sense of self becomes the lens through which you experience the world. It is who you think you are. It is not though. You are simply the awareness of what you are not.

Ask yourself... who am i?

Integrative Medicine

perpetual identification with your mind results in inner tension, which can manifest in a number of ways. Wandering aimlessly, the mind continuously compares outcomes of life events to unfounded expectations. Expectations based on a belief system and rulebook to which you have most likely unknowingly subscribed. The specifics of the expectations do not really matter as all thoughts are mindstuff. The key to overcoming this inner tension is ceasing your perpetual identification with mindstuff.

how do you overcome this identification with your mind? By understanding it for what it is: a complex survival tool. In essence, the mind continuously asks the question am i safe?. It's answer is always a definitive no. By sitting in the awareness and simply observing that which you are not, i.e. your mind, eventually you will realize the answer is, in fact, yes.

insight begins, and ends, with observing the mind. Formal meditation is an incredibly useful tool for re-minding yourself daily that you are not your mind. otherwise you will forget.

we can help you develop a regular meditation practice. it may change your life. if it does, the only thing we ask is you pay it forward however you see fit...

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