frequently asked questions

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what conditions do you typically treat?

Since the ECS communicates with every organ system, it can potentially help most people feel better overall. However, most of our patients come to us to help manage:

  • pain
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • gastrointestinal issues (IBS, IDB, chronic nausea).
  • cancer and cancer treatment side effects

Do you take my insurance?

yes. We take most major insurance plans, including Masshealth and Medicare. We unfortunately don't take Fallon and other less common plans.

Do I need a referral to be seen?

if you don't know, you probably do. If so, you need it prior to your visit. We can help you with this if need be.

Do you offer virtual visits.

yes we do. We use Zoom via the MGB patient gateway.

Are you affiliated with a particular healthcare system?

proudly. We are a Mass General Brigham (MGB) Community Affiliate. We also one of the MGH Cancer Center's support services.


Does my insurance cover cannabis therapeutics?

Your insurance covers the management of your medical condition. This may include recommending cannabis, but it may also include recomending yoga or mediation, which your insurance does not pay for either. We explain it a bit more here.

So my MMJ certification is free?

$0 = free so yeah

What about every other place that charges for medical cannabis cards?

what about them?