MMJ certification


fee = $0 + copay

yeah you read that right. so how does that work?

we are a medical specialty practice

ECS wellness is a specialized integrative, or holistic, medicine practice. Thus, our visits cost the same as any other medical specialty (i.e. cardiology, neurology, etc.) Insurance pays for your provider's medical decision making. This can be medications, meditation, or a cannabis product. The certification allows the patients of The Commonwealth safe access to affordable, tax-free cannabis products we recommend.

Masshealth and Medicare

Masshealth and (most) Medicare plans have no copay or deductible, thus the total cost of your visit will be $0. this is because the certification is free.

private insurance

We take most private insurance companies. if you have a copay or deductible as a part of your contract with your insurance provider, the total cost of your visit will be whatever amount you typically pay for a specialist visit. Thus, your equation is copay + $0. For example, if your copay is $40, the cost of your visit will be $40 + $0 = $40.

be mindful if you have a deductible. Those can come back to bite...hard

cancellations and no shows

Given our unique approach and affiliation with the MGB and MGH Cancer Center, we are a saught after practice. We are here to heal, not penalize, so, just like our certification fee, our late cancellation fee is $0 and our no show fee is $0. We prefer to lean more on mutual respect than policies. Therefore, please be considerate if you need to reschedule.

don't let your Karma run over your Dogma...