NP.C's path

integrative health care

Growing up in Maine, the seemingly endless ocean and alluring forest always left Meg with a sense of wonder. There was something comforting in the awareness of how insignificant her fleeting thoughts and feelings were to this world, let alone the universe. Realizing how much better she felt, it’s clear to her how this is the seed grew into a lifelong fascination with science and nature, and how they can be used to heal ourselves and others.

While studying biochemistry at Merrimack College, volunteering instilled strong sense of the power of community. Connecting with people, especially those in need, allowed for respite similar to nature’s offerings. While deciding on a career path, she was attracted to the way Nurse Practitioners seemed to incorporate both the nurturing, holistic approach of nursing with the science-driven, diagnostic approach of doctoring.

Nutrition, exercise and time spent in nature kept Meg balanced while pursuing her Masters in Science at Simmons College. Working in nursing homes at her first job out of school, she met Dr.Z. She learned how to balance her ECS with meditation and judicious cannabis use. After a month of brief daily meditation, Meg noted profound changes in the way she experienced the world.

Having found her footing in ECS Wellness, Meg appreciates how she has come full circle. Listening to, and connecting with, her patients upholds her sense wonder and community. For this, amongst many other reasons, Meg loves them fiercely...