Dr.Z's path


Growing up north of New York City, Dr. Z began studying painting and drawing early on. Traveling to each of America's National Parks by the end of grade school connected his reverence for the arts with an awe of nature. Trading his pencil for a pick, and his paint for electricity, his love affair with the electric guitar began. And the woods never seemed to leave him.

A repetitive stress injury rudely derailed his rock n' roll path. Frustrated by conventional medicine's limited offerings, he turned to other tools: natural foods, yoga, supplements. This eventually pointed the way to energetically based systems, such as Qi and chakras. Mind-body medicine, including meditation and mindfulness, ultimately unlocked the treasure chest to healing himself.

During his post-baccalaureate studies, Dr.Z researched music with Dr. Oz at Columbia University. It was upon the Blue Ridge Mountains he earned his medical degree at the University of Virginia. He received the prestigious C Richard Bowman Scholarship Award and was elected to the Arnold P. Gold Foundation for Humanism in Medicine. Unfortunately, he simultaneously took a crash course in compassion and empathy as his father succumbed to cancer. He understands the value of a trustworthy, relatable physician while negotiating the unpredictability of illness. Honoring both his formal and informal training, Dr.Z considers his relationship with his patients sacred.


Following medical school, Dr.Z headed back north to Mass General Hospital (MGH), a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. While at MGH, Herbert Benson indoctrinated him to the world of mind-body medicine. Following a stint as faculty at Harvard Medical School, he worked in several rehab settings. Board certified in internal medicine, Dr.Z also trained in mind-body medicine, herbal medicine, cannabis therapeutics, energy medicine, nutrition, yoga, meditation and lifestyle medicine.

Regarding his relationship with cannabis, Dr.Z has been known to say "At that dead show in 90', never in a million years..." When he first learned cannabis was medicine, he thought "ha. yeah right." He has since changed his mind.

Dr.Z describes learning about the ECS like seeing a sunset, or a waterfall, for the first time. He felt like he was in that scene in The Matrix, except he had somehow taken the green pill. The ECS answered so many questions left unanswered. The ECS seemed too powerful not to share. Which is why you are reading this.

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